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  • 6/20/2023 1:00 PM CDT
  • 6/20/2023 2:00 PM CDT
Boron has been shown to cause issues in the cast iron foundries by causing a decrease in the strength of pearlitic gray and ductile iron castings. Because of the increase in the use of boron-added steel scrap from automotive steel and a lack of agreement on the critical levels of boron in cast iron, foundries are facing difficulties in controlling the microstructure of gray iron castings when boron is present. The current investigation was designed to analyze the effects of boron in ASTM A48 class 20, 30 and  40 gray irons, determine the mechanism by which boron affects the microstructure, and to find effective ways to mitigate and/or control the amount and effect of boron in cast iron

Laura Bartlett; Simon Lekakh, Missouri University S&T

This AFS Members Only Webinar will begin at 1 p.m. CT.