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  • 11/18/2021 1:00 PM CST
  • 11/18/2021 2:00 PM CST
Please join us for a webinar presented by Adam Gordon and Matthew Renkey of The Bristol Group, a boutique Washington, DC law firm specializing in complex international trade cases challenging unfairly traded imports. The change in Administrations at the start of the year brought a marked change in tone to U.S. trade policy and practice, but perhaps not as great or sudden a change in substance as one might believe.  Ten months into the Biden Administration, the pro-enforcement policies implemented during the Trump Administration remain in place, at least for the time being.  We will review the current status of the Biden trade agenda, the future of existing tariffs on dozens of Chinese castings, and what changes we can expect for federal procurement and Buy American policy, leaving plenty of time for questions and discussion.

Adam Gordon & Matthew Renkey, The Bristol Group, PLLC

This AFS Members Only Webinar begins at 1:00 p.m. CT