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When and Where
  • 10/5/2020
  • 10/9/2021
  • Virtual Event

Foundries grow safer and greener every day, thanks to new technologies and the expertise of EHS pros. So how do you ensure your facility is at the forefront of these advances? Join us at the AFS Environmental, Health, and Safety Conference, the metalcasting industry’s leading EHS event for three decades.

At the 32nd EHS Conference, you’ll get the latest in information-sharing, with insights from EHS experts who lead the way in foundry safety and environmental advancements. This virtual conference features 45 speakers, innovative research, 15 vendors highlighting cutting-edge products, and foundry members-only sessions where you can find answers to your most pressing EHS questions. Hosted on the AFS OnLive platform, you’ll get live broadcasts of expert presentations, moderated Q&As, and prerecorded content to watch on your own schedule. Your registration also gives you on-demand access to these essential resources until October 9, 2021.