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When and Where
  • 8/31/2020
  • 9/3/2020
  • Virtual Event
Everything related to sand casting and 3D sand printing in one place!

AFS has combined the sand casting and additive manufacturing conferences into one big on-line event! Now, you can hear leading experts on green sand casting and 3D printing tell their stories in a single conference. Using both live online and on-demand material, this conference will cover the latest advances in sand casting technologies as well as practical information that will help attendees improve their foundry processes. Learn how others are managing their sand casting operations and hear from founders who have successfully incorporated 3D printing into their sand casting process.  Topics will include green sand casting in different molding media, green sand additives, sand system control,  chemically bonded molds and cores, sand testing, refractory coatings, processes and equipment for 3D sand printing, printed hard tooling for sand casting and environmental, health, and safety related issues.