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When and Where
  • 11/5/2019
  • 11/5/2019
Traditionally, steel foundry engineers had the primary goal of designing tooling to make a sound casting. Often the costs to produce the casting using the designed tooling has not been taking into account sufficiently. This has led to less than optimal profit margins and lost revenue. While the use of casting process simulation has aided the engineer in the task of producing a sound casting, simulation has not traditionally been used to consider the costs related to producing the casting using the designed tooling. This webinar highlights a steel casting case study, utilizing material, labor and production costs, which were integrated into the casting process simulation software interface. Having the costs associated with producing the casting when using each tooling design, along with the predicted quality level of each tooling design, gives the foundry engineer a much better idea of the true overall costs associated with a given tooling design.

This AFS Members Only Webinar will being at 1:00 p.m. CT