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  • 3/23/2021 1:00 PM CDT
  • 3/23/2021 2:00 PM CDT
Most of the modern foundries have been capturing and monitoring key process data digitally, for example, final chemistry, sand data, pour temperature and times; which are some of the key parameters required to make quality casting with consistent quality.   An AMC/DLA funded research project, managed by AFS and led by PDA LLC has been focusing on data mining historical such production big data and by applying modern tools such as physics based virtual simulation, ICME, machine learning and artificial intelligence to develop meta models for better casting designs and an intelligent manufacturing system.  This Industry 4.0 big data relevant project is demonstrating on how to solve some quality issues and is capable of real time process control with further integration.  Webinar will share and demonstrate the  work by a cross functional team, consisting of academia, a production foundry and a small design and engineering company collaborating and contributing on this on-going research project with case studies and controlled experiments as required for model calibration and validations.

Jiten Shah, PDA LLC

This AFS Members Only Webinar will begin at 1 p.m. CT.