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Casting Equipment Engineering Guide

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  • ISBN: 9781627084451; AFS Product No. OS2400

    Author: Jagan Nath; published by ASM International

    Casting Equipment Engineering Guide is an essential resource covering engineering details of casting equipment, their design features, applications, capabilities, and selection guidelines. This book is written for mechanical engineers, practicing engineers, engineering students, and metallurgists specializing in casting technology.

    The book covers all aspects of shape casting from the flow of raw materials to product inspection and testing. It describes the equipment and procedures used for sand and metal charge storage and handling, sand conditioning, molding and core making, iron and steel melting and pouring, aluminum melting and dosing, aluminum die casting, and gravity and low-pressure permanent and semipermanent molding. It also includes a chapter on post-process cleaning and heat treating and one on plant layout.

    Additionally, the book provides information on the design and operation of equipment, the calculation of important parameters, and the considerations involved in selecting the right process and equipment to produce iron, steel, and aluminum castings for specific applications.

    Keywords: foundry layout, engineering layout, foundry equipment, foundry design, metalcasting processes, process flow

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