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Process Control for Engineers

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  • Product No: GM2300, ISBN 978-0-87433-482-1, Softcover, 208 pages, (7” x 9”)

    Author, Ted Schorn has worked in the quality field for over 35 years spanning automotive, aerospace and medical markets. Schorn is a recent AFS Thomas W. Pangborn Gold Medal award recipient. He was also awarded the Scientific Merit Award by AFS, has been the recipient of numerous other awards and has served on the AFS board of directors.

    The newest book from AFS, “Process Control for Engineers,” (PCE) debuted at the 2023 AFS Metalcasting Congress. PCE was written to provide engineers engaged in improvement, an essential orientation to their job through a greater understanding of process control. Trusted for decades as a training tool for quality and production engineers in major foundries, this content has been vetted and modified and is now available as a book that captures the philosophy and structure of quality improvement as applied to the practical task of the engineer on the shop floor.

    All those engaged in process improvement are looking for stable and predictable outputs–trouble-free days where the focus can be on proactive performance enhancements, not reactive corrections. But what does that look like from a practical perspective? How is process control strengthened to the point that smooth operations result? While there is no canned formula for success, this new book provides a detailed series of aspects to be considered and controlled, with very practical suggestions for appropriate control mechanisms to stabilize process factors of influence.

    Process Control for Engineers can be read with benefit by experienced engineers for a refreshingly new perspective on the job. Rather than another compendium of quality tools (like so many books on quality), this material begins with the job of process improvement and what can be done to establish better controls for the engineer on shop floor.

    The author has poured the wisdom and experience of over 35 years in quality management into this material, including his unique focus on dealing with human error, the role of the various engineers in a foundry and the servant leadership orientation he brings to the support functions of an organization.

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