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AFS Transactions 2023 Volume 131

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  • Product No. TX2023; ISBN # 978-0-87433-438-8; Hardbound (8.5” x 11”); 464 pages.

    The 2023 Transactions of the American Foundry Society includes 41 technical papers encompassing a wide range of metalcasting technology. These papers cover the latest in metalcasting research and smart manufacturing, process and equipment developments, environmental health & safety, and foundry best-practice case studies. Papers are approved for inclusion in AFS Transactions after a rigorous peer-review process to ensure only original work of the highest quality is included. AFS Transactions has been published annually since 1896 and is considered the premier technical publication of the international metalcasting industry.

    Volume 131 of the 2023 AFS Transactions includes scientific and academic research, as well as industry-based technical papers from suppliers, foundries and other sources specializing in metalcasting technology. These latest developments in state-of-the-art technology were prepared for the 127th Metalcasting Congress, April 25-27, 2023, on topics such as:

  • • Additive Manufacturing;
  • • Aluminum & Light Metals, Cast Iron, & Steel Alloys;
  • • Engineering and Smart Manufacturing;
  • • Environmental, Health & Safety;
  • • Lost Foam;
  • • Melting Methods & Materials; and
  • • Molding Methods & Materials.

    Keywords: additive manufacturing, aluminum, aluminum alloys, artificial intelligence, austempered ductile iron, binder jet, computer-aided design, cast iron, casting, chills, chromite sand, chunky graphite, clay measurement, compacted graphite, compactability, computational fluid dynamic modeling, confocal microscopy, cooling rate, critical error threshold, crystalline exposure, cyber security, defect, design of experiments, digital twins, dry sweeping, ductile iron, dynamic testing, efficiency, electric vehicle, emission control, energy, fatigue, forging, gage repeatability and reproducibility, ferrous alloy, Foundry 4.0, gray iron, green sand, heat treatment, high-entropy alloys, high-pressure die casting, hollow aluminosilicate microspheres, Industry 4.0, inoculant, internal combustion engine, life cycle assessment, lost foam casting, machine learning, manufacturing, mechanical properties, melting, metal flow analysis, metal matrix composites, microstructure, modification, nucleation, porosity, personal protective equipment, PPE, process control, quality, rapid molds, sand, solidification, stainless steel, steel, strontium, machine learning, sword, tensile, testing, thermal analysis, thermal processing, welding, zircon sand.