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Aluminum Castings for Structural Applications

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  • AFS Product No. NF2200; ISBN: 978-0-87433-479-1; Softcover; 231 pages

    Co-authors Mahi Sahoo and David Weiss are well-respected award-winning industry experts that have contributed countless hours to the advancement of the metalcasting industry.

    Based on the positive response from the co-author’s presentations on the casting characteristics and mechanical properties of aluminum alloys for producing structural castings during a 2015 AFS webinar, this data was expanded into a book.

    This book emphasizes factors affecting the structure and mechanical properties–such as the influence of alloying elements including impurities, casting processes, gating and risering design, phase diagrams, melt treatment to improve the quality of the liquid metal–and solidification characteristics including grain refinement and modification, heat treatment, etc.

    Design engineers, manufacturing engineers, casting engineers, foundry metallurgists and other foundry staff and management working in the premium quality production of structural castings will benefit from this book. In addition, the book is aimed at both undergraduate and post-graduate students interested in casting technology.

    1—Introduction to Structural Castings
    2—Design of Structural Aluminum Castings
    3—Influence of Alloying Elements for Structural Applications & Alloy Selection
    4—Phase Diagrams and Solidification Characteristics
    5—Casting Processes
    6—Gating and Riser Design
    7—Alloys and Composites for High-Temperature Applications
    8—Post-Casting Operations
    9—Testing for Quality
    10—Conclusions: Developing Trends and the Path Forward