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Molten Aluminum Cleanliness—Minimizing Inclusions in Baths and Castings

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  • Product No. NF2100A; ISBN# 978-0-87433-477-7; softcover; 410 pages

    All aluminum casting operations struggle with two major impurity issues which limit aluminum alloy castings from achieving their full consistent capability—inclusions and hydrogen gas-caused porosity. Drawing on decades of experience in aluminum casting, industry expert, Rafael Gallo provides a comprehensive discussion on impurities, their root causes, and practical ways to minimize casting defects. The book will discuss common aluminum melting practices, how those practices can create oxide and hydrogen gas and how to achieve greater melt cleanliness by proper fluxing, degassing and flux injection processes. The book will provide practical applications, foundry case studies, and state-of-the-art molten metal analytical techniques. This is a must have technical resource for aluminum foundries.

    About the author:

    Rafael Gallo is a recognized aluminum casting specialist with decades of experience in aluminum foundry operations, research, equipment, and supplies and is a long-time member of the AFS aluminum division. He has provided many presentations at AFS education events and has written and published his research in AFS Transactions and other journals. This book is based on Rafael’s extensive foundry background, research, and his metallurgical analytical skills. Rafael is currently Technical Consultant with Pyrotek.

    Keywords: Aluminum, inclusions, melt, cleanliness, quality, porosity, impurities