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Aluminum Castings Engineering Guide

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  • Product No. OS1900; ISBN: 9781627082051; Hardcover; 301 pages, Author: Jagan Nath

    This book is intended to be a standard guide for practical foundry personnel in aluminum die casting, gravity permanent mold casting, and low pressure permanent mold casting. It is also a beneficial reference for casting buyers and students specializing in metal casting technology. It includes extensive examples, tables, and practical guidelines and links functionality and manufacturability, benefiting both product designers and casting process engineers.


  • Ch. 1 Aluminum Casting Applications
  • Ch. 2 Engineering Component Configuration
  • Ch. 3 Casting Process Options
  • Ch. 4 Overview of Casting Processes
  • Ch. 5 Alloys and Heat Treatment Choices
  • Ch. 6 Engineering Die Castings
  • Ch. 7 Engineering of Gravity Permanent Mold Castings
  • Ch 8 Engineering of Low-Pressure Permanent Mold Castings
  • Ch. 9 Process Selection Guidelines
  • Ch.10 Product Launch Process