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The History of Metals in America

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  • Product No. OS1801; ISBN: 978-1-62708-145-0; 300 pages.

    Author: Charles R. Simcoe; Published by ASM International.

    This book chronicles the development of metals as both an industrial activity and a science. Progress involving structural metals made possible the air, land, sea, and space travel of today, skyscrapers reaching over 100 stories high, and many other engineering accomplishments that continue to shape modern society. Readers will embark on a fascinating journey through the evolution of metals and metallurgy from the beginning of iron production in colonial times with the first iron plant in 1645 to the prevailing metals of the 21st century.

    Charles R. Simcoe wrote more than 40 articles for ASM International’s Advanced Materials & Processes magazine, including a monthly series entitled “Metallurgy Lane,” which became the basis for this book.