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Mini Casting Handbook

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  • Product No. OS1800, softcover, 74 pages

    Author John Campbell continues to show us how a quality casting can be made following his "Ten Rules" and other steps that he has espoused for years. Campbell's latest book, Mini Casting Handbook is a succinct explanation of what steps are involved in making successful castings from both ferrous and nonferrous alloys. Vivid illustrations throughout the book make it easy for the reader to follow Campbell's descriptions of what it takes to make the best castings possible.

  • 1. The Fundamentals
  • 2. The Ten Rules
  • 3. Melting
  • 4. The Running System Layout
  • 5. Gravity Casting System
  • 6. Counter-Gravity Casting
  • 7. Feeding
  • 8. Casting Quality
  • A full table of contents is available by contacting Customer Service at

    Keywords: Casting, melting, bifilms, pouring, running system, gating, feeding, quality.

    Published 2017 by Aspect Design, Malvern, Worcestshire, UK. Designed, printed and bound by Aspect Design.