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Improving the Effectiveness of Visual Inspection

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  • Product No. GM1800; ISBN: 978-0-87433-460-9

    Hardcover; 6 x 9; 334 pages

    Author: Ted J. Schorn; published: 2018

    Ted Schorn has over 35 years of quality experience in automotive, aerospace and medical fields. Schorn's experience in the field of quality led him to write a book that is based on his first-hand experience in examining different methods of improving visual inspection procedures to minimize and/or eliminate quality issues in manufactured products.

    Schorn's journey in writing the book sprang out of his frustration of finding non-conforming parts at his customers' facility from the supplier. He looked for publications about visual inspection and found very little of direct help. Searching further, he found information that, while useful, was too enmeshed in technical jargon. He decided to share his knowledge that he gained through his studies, first in a series of award-winning technical papers on visual inspection published by the American Foundry Society, then by writing Improving the Effectiveness of Visual Inspection."

    Whether you are a customer, or a manufacturer, Schorn can advise how to improve the quality inspection of products before they leave your plant or arrive at your facility, only to have them returned for non-conformity. Schorn's book covers topics such as
  • Measuring Inspection Performance;
  • Inspection Task Model;
  • Human Requirements for Effective Visual Inspection;
  • Visual Search Effectiveness Factors;
  • Decision-Making Factors;
  • Handling Damage Reduction;
  • and more.
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    Keywords: quality, inspection, visual, manufacturing, eye movement, cost reduction, lower scrap rates, less defects.