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Casting Copper-Base Alloys, 3rd Edition

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  • Product No: NF1600, ISBN: 978-0-87433-446-3

    Softcover; 8½ x 11, 342 pages

    The original contributors to the second edition of the Casting Copper-Base Alloys felt that it was time to update several key chapters and also add a new chapter (Copper Alloys for Special Applications) that deals with the issues that impact the copper industry in the future, specifically copper’s antimicrobial properties.

    Other changes include: updates to conforming specifications; revisions in casting processes and materials; a section on venting added to the Gating chapter; updates to chapters on Leaded and Unleaded Red Brasses, Properties of Cast Copper-Base Alloys and Health & Safety Aspects.

    The third edition contains over 300 pages, with new and updated artwork.

  • Table of Contents:
  • 1—Standard Designations for Copper and Copper Alloys
  • 2—Conforming Specifications for Copper-Base Alloys
  • 3—Casting Processes and Materials
  • 4—Melting Equipment
  • 5—Melt Control
  • 6—Pouring
  • 7—Gating
  • 8—Solidification, Feeding & Design
  • 9—Copper-Tin-Lead-Zinc Alloys—Leaded and Unleaded Red Brasses and Tin Bronzes
  • 10—Leaded and High-Strength Yellow Brasses
  • 11—Aluminum Bronze Alloys
  • 12—Copper-Silicon Alloys
  • 13—Copper-Base Alloys with Nickel and Monel Metal
  • 14—High-Conductivity Copper and High-Copper Alloys
  • 15—Common Defects in Sand-Cast Copper-Base Alloys
  • 16—Quality Control of Copper-Base Alloys
  • 17—Properties of Cast Copper-Base Alloys
  • 18—Health and Safety Aspects of Copper-Base Alloy Foundry Practice
  • 19— Copper Alloys for Special Applications
  • Index

    Keywords: Copper, copper alloys, casting, foundry, brass, bronze.