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Casting Copper-Base Alloys, 3rd Edition

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  • Product No: NF1600, ISBN: 978-0-87433-446-3

    Softcover; 342 pages

    The original contributors to the second edition of the Casting Copper-Base Alloys felt that it was time to update several key chapters and also add a new chapter (Copper Alloys for Special Applications) that deals with the issues that impact the copper industry in the future, specifically copper’s antimicrobial properties. Thus, the third edition of the Casting Copper-Base Alloys is now available.

    Other changes include: updates to conforming specifications; revisions in casting processes and materials; a section on venting added to the Gating chapter; updates to chapters on Leaded and Unleaded Red Brasses, Properties of Cast Copper-Base Alloys and Health & Safety Aspects.

    The third edition contains over 300 pages, with new and updated artwork.

  • Table of Contents:
  • 1—Standard Designations for Copper and Copper Alloys
  • 2—Conforming Specifications for Copper-Base Alloys
  • 3—Casting Processes and Materials
  • 4—Melting Equipment
  • 5—Melt Control
  • 6—Pouring
  • 7—Gating
  • 8—Solidification, Feeding & Design
  • 9—Copper-Tin-Lead-Zinc Alloys—Leaded and Unleaded Red Brasses and Tin Bronzes
  • 10—Leaded and High-Strength Yellow Brasses
  • 11—Aluminum Bronze Alloys
  • 12—Copper-Silicon Alloys
  • 13—Copper-Base Alloys with Nickel and Monel Metal
  • 14—High-Conductivity Copper and High-Copper Alloys
  • 15—Common Defects in Sand-Cast Copper-Base Alloys
  • 16—Quality Control of Copper-Base Alloys
  • 17—Properties of Cast Copper-Base Alloys
  • 18—Health and Safety Aspects of Copper-Base Alloy Foundry Practice
  • 19— Copper Alloys for Special Applications
  • Index

    Keywords: Copper, copper alloys, casting, foundry, brass, bronze.