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Introduction to Casting Defect Analysis

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  • This e-Learning module is divided into three parts: • Part 1: Meet Metro Metalcasting, Inc. • Part 2: Categorize Casting Defects • Part 3: Analyze Casting Defects Part 1 of this module will be an introduction to Metro Metalcasting, Inc. (a fictional company) that is experiencing a high percentage of casting defects. Through the solutions team, participants will be introduced to a systematic approach to analyzing and reducing casting defects, the 10-Step Procedure. In Part 2, the seven categories of casting defects will be described and participants will become familiar with the “International Atlas of Casting Defects.” In Part 3, participants will learn how to use the 10-Step Procedure to resolve a casting defect. You will be introduced to the tools used in each of the 10 steps and how to implement them. By the end of this module, you will be able to identify the 10-Step Procedure and use these steps to analyze a casting defect. (0.3 CEU)