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Centrifugal Casting

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  • Product No: GM8800; ISBN: 978-0-87433-110-3

    Softcover, 8½ x 11; 96 pages

    Author: Nathan Janco; Published: 1988; Reprinted: 1992, 2007, 2012, 2018

    Centrifugal Casting represents over 50 years of expertise from the greatest authority on the subject, Nathan Janco. This book is a must for anyone operating a centrifugal shop or considering using products cast by this method.

    Keywords: centrifugal, casting, rotation, rotational speeds, centrifugal casting defects, safety

  • Table of Contents:
  • Ch.1. What is Centrifugal Casting? -Centrifugal Casting vs. Forging and Static Casting; Centrifugal Casting Process; Methods of Centrifugal Casting
  • Ch.2. Types of Machines -Horizontal Axis Casting Machine; Vertical Axis Casting Machines; Face-Plate Casting Machines; Inclined Axis Casting Machines; Additional Variations
  • Ch.3. Installation Designs -Vertical Casting Machine Installation; Horizontal Casting Machine Installation; Casting Machine Drive Systems
  • Ch.4. Molds -Mold Types; Design Considerations
  • Ch.5. Gates and Risers (Vertical) -Calculating Size; Calculating Sprue Size; Metal Economics
  • Ch.6. Mold Coatings -Ideal Characteristics; Effect on Surface Finish; Coating Ingredients; Spray Coating of Molds
  • Ch.7. Mold Heating and Cooling
  • Ch.8. Rotational Speeds -Gravity; Determining Rotational Speeds; Reading Machine RPM; Influence of Rotational Speed; Taper;
  • Casting Dimensions; Machine Construction; Vibration; Metal Effect
  • Ch.9. Pouring -Pouring Temperatures; Pouring Equipment; Pouring Rates; Two-Speed Pouring
  • Ch.10. Casting Removal -Sand Molds; Metal Molds
  • Ch.11. Special Castings -Bi-Metallic; Oxidation Prone; Electric Motor Rotors; Babbitt Bearings
  • Ch.12. Safety -Forces; Heat Warpage; Flying Metal; Safety in Centrifuging
  • Ch.13. Troubleshooting–Defects -Testing; Quality Control; Defects Peculiar to Centrifugal Casting; Miscellaneous Defects; Quick Reference Defects Guide
  • Ch.14. Metallurgical Aspects -Metals in General; Ferrous Metals; Bi-Metallic
  • Ch.15. Precision Centrifugal Casting
  • Ch.16. De Lavaud Process
  • Keywords: centrifugal casting; gravity, rotation, vertical casting, horizontal casting