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Casting Defects Handbook: Aluminum & Aluminum Alloys

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  • Product No. GM11AL, ISBN: 978-0-87433-366-4

    Softcover, 4½ x 7, 161 pages

    Technical Editor: David Neff; Published 2011

    In Casting Defects Handbook: Aluminum & Aluminum Alloys, many of the common types of casting defects encountered in the production of aluminum alloy castings are presented. These defects are categorized by production method: sand-casting, permanent mold, high pressure diecasting, low pressure, investment, plaster and lost foam, with possible causes and, in some cases, prevention techniques listed.

    The material is presented in an easy-to-review format suitable for foundry floor operators, as well as process engineers, metallurgists and quality control personnel. The book provides a comprehensive visual atlas of the more common casting defects encountered by aluminum foundry personnel, and provides a tool for quick identification. It can also be used to address possible causes and to establish corrective actions.

    Table of Contents

  • 1. Sand Casting Sand, Core and Molding Practice Related Gating, Risering, Pouring Related Metallurgically Related
  • 2. Permanent Mold Surface and Casting Shape Defects Gas Defects Shrinkage Defects Inclusion Defects
  • 3. High Pressure Diecasting Diecasting – Process Related Diecasting – Metallurgically Related
  • 4. Low Pressure Casting
  • 5. Investment Casting Shell and Pouring Defects Metal-Related Defects
  • 6. Plaster Casting
  • 7. Lost Foam Casting Pattern Defects Coatings/Sand Defects
  • Keywords: defects, aluminum, quality, permanent mold, diecasting, investment casting, plaster casting, lost foam casting, gas defects, shrinkage, inclusions